I believe the best writing teachers are writing teachers.  I believe the luckiest students are those who have teachers who intimately understand what it is like to try and develop ideas into coherent texts. The empathy and insights that can be gained by engaging in the same activity we expect of our students is invaluable.  No book, no class, no workshop can help you become a stronger writing teacher the way actually WRITING can.

From time to time this blog will share some insights and ideas to encourage teachers to write, but the purpose is really to offer teachers an authentic audience for their writing. I’ve been awed by the posts of some teacher friends on social media and I want to share their writing with a wider audience. I believe a place where teachers can share their writing with others can be a source of inspiration to readers and a way to stretch ourselves as writers.

The idea is to share small moments from our lives; short stories, memories, poems, anecdotes, etc. Inspired by The Two Writing Teachers SLICE OF LIFE in which every Tuesday (and every day for the entire month of March) people share “slices of life” stories via a link to their own blogs. I know not every teacher has a blog, and this could be a great way to get started.  Don’t feel like posting regularly? Sharing your “moments” on this blog could be a way to dip your toe in the stream and test the waters.

If you’d like to contribute your own MOMENT click the contact page tab and drop me an email.