I took a weekend away from my kids and spent their first year of college tuition in 24 hours and I loved it! Admittedly, it is not my best look, I ditched my make up to share a suitcase with the hubs because at first we were being dollar smart and wanted to save money with jet blue.

By the time we got there and sat down at Sarabeth’s for breakfast and looked at the menu and discovered pancakes were 34 dollars and one piece of applewood smoked bacon was 14 I felt a hinge of anxiety, but by god I have been ordering only water when I go out out to eat, so my kids can order the shark drinks at Friendlys. And the eight year old has been eliminating my fried pickles request at Roadhouse, just so she can order up the dessert. So I will tell you, those pancakes and bacon were particularly deeeelish and worth the cost of the first year of college books. Because treat yourself, right?

And when we walked down the street and the hop-on hop-off bus tour is all over us to hop-on, well then, “Where is the rabbit hole Alice?” because I’m going down it. We later only found out, that the bus didn’t really bring you to Seth Meyers and Jimmy Fallon and give you a full tour of the SNL studio, but no matter! We were without kids and in the city! And what’s that? The headphones don’t work? Who cares? Because the only tour I have been doing lately is a tour of weeding out this house for a lawn sale and so let’s take this bus for all it’s worth.

And then to boot, we saw Wicked which everyone and their mother has seen but I am late to the game and had full out need to see it. It was far and away one of the best times I have had, I didn’t mean to shout out, “I want to become you!” to the blonde Glinda as the actors came out. It just sort of slipped out… Then the next day, we ordered brunch and got tickets to see School House Rock and I was blown away by that play and all of the children acting in it.

By that point, I knew I had indulged too much, because Jetblue emailed to tell us that our flight had been cancelled going back to Portland and the bank emailed to tell us we still owe a house payment this month, but keep up the morale, because guess what? The kids are with my wonderful sister, who let them pig scrabble it up at the fair.

Ahhh back to reality, but it was a good 48 hours…..

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I’m Taryn Grant, a kindergarten teacher in Gardiner Maine. I have been teaching kindergarten for nine years and raising two kids for most of that time.  I am very passionate about teaching, but never pretend to be the best at my profession or at parenting my own two.   I love to share my imperfections through writing.  I hope you can relate and enjoy.