I just got into a fist fight with this tree/girl. I took all the decorations off her and the lights and then she and I engaged in a true standoff, like one of those fights you see outside of a bathroom stall at Gardiner High School.

The kids proceeded to play their game of Monopoly as they looked on, apparently they are too passive to pick sides, and this girl and I wrestled all the way out the door. At one point the tree water splashed into my mouth and on my glasses like the end of a bad party at Orono, but this girl persisted because I am a GD pioneer woman.

After that I had a stand off with the vacuum, because apparently we aren’t that tight either, and that proceeded to grind up all the little pine needles into mushy mush and spray back onto my unpedicured toes.

I am not one of those girls, that tidies up at the end of Christmas and stays up until midnight “getting my house in order” because for the love of Mary it wasn’t in order in the first place, and shouldn’t the little demons that live here and stole all my money for Christmas do some cleaning?

So here I am, December 29th and fighting with the tree and then the vacuum. I vow to to do the same routine next year because… traditions.

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Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 8.23.57 AMTaryn Grant is a regular contributor to Just a Moment. She is a passionate kindergarten teacher, loving wife, and devoted mom to two adorable kiddos. She loves sharing life’s joys, challenges, and tedium through her humorous writing. No moment is too small or insignificant for Taryn to muse and memorialize with words. She hopes you can relate.