by Jennifer Richardson

It is such a funny experience to work the stage door at a dance recital. I am the keeper of the quiet, the fixer of the outfit, the finder of the missing dancer, and the opener and closer of the door. The littles are my favorite. They are the hardest to keep quiet and still. They are like gathering a herd of cats. There is always one crying. Tonight’s little was crying because she missed her mom (her mom had dropped her at the stage door 30 seconds previous). They tug at their skirts which end up around their necks; their shoes are always untied; they are never looking in the right direction when it is time to go on! I have to physically guide them on to the stage. They cannot keep their hands to themselves and usually climb on one another.  And if they are wearing tap shoes…sweet Lord. They make me smile.
I know I will be sitting in the audience ten years from now looking at that same little who is now in high school. This little will shrug off her mom and dance with confidence and grace. I will think back and remember this little– crying with her tutu around her neck, on the back of her dance bestie with both shoes untied. They grow and learn so quickly. Seeing them grow over the years is the absolute best part of recital.

About the Author

Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 1.48.44 PMI am a Special Education, behavioral teacher for an elementary school in Maine. I love the challenges that every day brings. Outside of school, I am a mom to one daughter and a volunteer wherever and whenever I can help.

In my free time I exercise, cook, craft, and garden. Writing is something that comes to me when I have a strong feeling to communicate. Somehow, I am able to write my feelings more clearly than speak them. I can find humor in just about any situation and I love to share those thoughts!