By Jennifer Richardson

I woke Sunday morning in my friend’s apartment in Boston. I sat and watched her cat staring into the heat vents very intently. The cat did this for a very long time and seemed very interested in whatever was going on inside that vent. Cats are unusual creatures but, this seemed a little more unusual than “cat unusual“.

A few days ago while on the treadmill at the gym, I watched a show about a haunted building. The show was already playing when I arrived and it was a welcomed distraction from my cardio-suffering. The individuals investigating the building experienced unexplained lights, shadows, and noises. Maybe my friend’s cat was seeing or hearing some spirit that I was unable to see?

When I went downstairs to the living room, I heard what I thought was the cat playing behind the chair I was sitting on. The sound was similar to the sound you would hear if a cat was batting something against a heat vent on a wall. I encouraged the cat to come out and see me but, no cat arrived. I eventually got down on my hands and knees to coax the cat out. There was no cat. I determined that the cat had made it into my friend’s bedroom and was playing on the other side of that heat vent.

Moments later the furnace kicked on and made an ungodly noise. I chuckled as I remember this friend commenting on this new furnace and how, although it is loud, works. The noise roused my friends and three of us sat in the kitchen getting ready for breakfast. When the furnace kicked on again, not only did it make a worse noise, tiny feathers were blown all over the kitchen and bedroom. My friend rushed to turn down the thermostat so the furnace would stop. Tiny feathers floated to the floor throughout the downstairs.

It wasn’t a haunting the cat was sensing, it was a sparrow that had somehow made it from the chimney to the furnace of my friend’s apartment. Hours later my friend’s landlord dismantled the vent and freed a sparrow from his furnace-graveyard. My friend was left to clean sparrow shrapnel from her kitchen, living room, and bedroom.

What probably ended up being a very long day for my friend, will be another tale we tell when we all get together again. Another chapter in a book of adventures we share.

About the Author

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Jennifer a Special Education, behavioral teacher for an elementary school in Maine. She loves the challenges that every day brings. Outside of school, she is a mom to one daughter and a volunteer wherever and whenever she can help.

In her free time she exercises, cooks, crafts, and gardens. Writing is something that comes to her when she has a strong feeling to communicate. She finds she is able to write her feelings more clearly than speaking them. She can find humor in just about any situation and loves to share those thoughts!