By Jennifer Richardson

I am not really sure when my obsession with vintage started. I really believe I was born with it. I thought it developed between my 30’s and 50’s but I now realize it was part of me since I was a young girl.

In the area where I grew up, there were a few houses that drew my attention. Every time I would pass by, I would look and dream of living there. Those houses seemed to make my heart beat faster. I also loved our town library. The structure called to me and the inside stairs and décor fascinated me. What do those buildings have in common? They are mid-century modern. I have ALWAYS been drawn to mid-century modern structures.

Flamingos, cacti, starburst, enamel pins, chrome, sunken living rooms, tinsel Christmas trees, T.V. lamps, and cool ceramic planters are my passion.

Maybe I was born just a little too late?24852315_1524990180930239_3171523253479115461_n.jpg