By Kelly Seymour 

I had a sweet boy for a student in third grade many years ago. He used the bathroom in my classroom, came out and said “Miss Seymour, the toilet won’t flush and I just took a major poo. It’s stuck. You have to come and see this for yourself.”

I went in trying to keep a serious face and wow oh wow that thing was huge! I said “I’ll call Mr. D and see if he can take care of this.”

The sweet boy said “First you’ve got to get a ruler and measure it since we’ve been doing a lot of measuring in math and everything.”

I tentatively took a ruler and didn’t get too close to it and measured it. It was over 10 inches. Enough detail I know. He was grinning from ear to ear.

Hence, 7 or 8 years go by. A few weeks ago I received a note from this boy’s high school teacher explaining to me that she had assigned her students to write about someone they have admired in the past. He chose me and wrote about the big poo! I did not traumatize him, and he said he admired me because I had the ability to laugh with him and he felt like I was on his side. Ah the joys of teaching never cease to amaze me.