fireworks-celebration-bright-pink-48247.jpegI am having a stellar year in the classroom.  Is that okay to say out loud?  Sometimes I feel guilty at lunch in the staff room and so I whisper it to just myself.  I don’t want to make other staff members jealous when they are banging their heads against their frosty’s donut, but the truth is , it is going Great (whispered in a small voice shhh).  I have had several years in a row of spirited groups.  That is the right term right?  Personalities that just don’t jive together.  Too many Donald Trumps and Kelly Ann Conways and not enough go with the flow Jimmy Fallons.  So this year, when my 16 came to me.  That assorted box of crayons packed with different abilities and different personalities something clicked.  I waited for two weeks to even breathe a word of it to just myself, but then after a month of just feeling like I could do a read aloud without needing a blood pressure cuff I thought my word this is my year, and it feels amazing.  This is not to say I don’t have challenges or that a mountain of patience is not needed because it is, but it is shout it to the rooftops stellar when I come to school and they are earnest to learn and they are earnest to take care of each other.  They are the most compassionate group of 16 I have ever encountered and they look out for each other in a way that has made my own classroom climate just so comfortable.  I thought to myself today, what a lucky girl I am to be the one that reads them Mercy Watson in my best Francine Poulet voice and have madness not erupt.  Insert #blessed here.