pen-crayon-color-sharp-40757.jpegIs your classroom pintrest worthy?  Are your bulletin boards always top notch?  If they are I am green with leprechaun envy, because I have been at this game almost ten years and let me tell you, mine just aren’t up to snuff. I once told a friend that I work with that I always organize feelings in my classroom before anything else and this rings true for my crafts in bulletin boards.  Don’t get me wrong I love pintrest, and paint and all things glitter because I was crazy enough to sign up for this gig right?  But … despite my best efforts, I think it still looks like Matilda came in during the middle of the night and rearranged Mrs. Trunchbull’s closet.  I also have not an ounce of type A in my body, so pictures are not lined up right, typically there is no border.  I like to include writing because that is in my blood, but I want it to be authentic to them and so maybe you can’t read it, but grab any interpreter in my room and they will deliver the message to you. Whatever your style, pintrest, not pintrest, type a or type z like me, make sure the bulletin board serves it’s purpose and that is to showcase the talent that is happening on the inside and sometimes talent needs to be seen through a squinted eye and a tilted head.