pexels-photo-908298.jpegDo you have that one show that gives you the ultimate comfort?  That you put on after a long day of work or when the dog is barking like crazy?  It has to be a show that is several seasons long and a show you have watched while you were up with crying babies, but also a show you watched just because you can’t get the theme from Mickey Mouse out of your head.  For me that show is the office and I can quote episodes upon episodes because it is my tattered blanket I have carried around with me for almost ten years now.  While Steve Carrell is a stand out, I love the one liners from Kelly and Creed, I am pretty sure Jim should be what we all strive to stand next to at the end of the day.  I do of course click on other shows at the advice of my work counsel.  I have watched gilmore girls, shameless, dexter, friends, greys anatomy, but none I hold to quite the esteem that I hold the office because did I stutter? It’s the best. Mic Drop.