mother-daughter-love-sunset-51953.jpegI have two classes left in my Students and Families at Risk class and my biggest takeaway is that even within the dysfunction and the chaos and the risk factors that can come with poverty, kids will always love their mommas.  I once had a parent who came in impaired by something, telling me up and down that her child’s job was to take care of her while she was throwing up from cancer treatments (she was really throwing up after visiting the meth clinic) and I stood resolutely, telling her firmly that his job was to be five and come to school and learn and play.  While I would still go back in time and say and feel the same way, I think I can see now that she was living in such a system of dysfunction and living this way of life for so long that she thought it was in fact normal.  In turn, her little boy knew it as normal and hugged her the same way that my kids hug me.  I wasn’t ready to gain this perspective straight out of college, but I am now and this class has opened a lot of doors in my psyche.