By Jennifer Richardson


People make comments about how it must be nice to have summers off as a teacher. I am not sure if I am the only teacher to say this but, I don’t like having summers off.

Last year was my first summer off in many years. I had been teaching at a day-treatment facility and they held a six week summer program. We had a vacation at the beginning of summer and the end of summer and four day weeks during the summer program. That was perfect.

When I have the summer off, with no schedule or structure, things go poorly. My days become unproductive and sluggish. I get into a slump, a rut, a funk. Although I have lots of time to get that project list done, I become very unproductive and nothing gets done.

This summer I need to do SOMETHING. I have considered finding a summer job or volunteering. Believe it or not, I will get more projects done with less free time.

This may be an indication that retirement will not go well…