By Jennifer Richardson

A few years ago, after my divorce, I bought a small house. Although it is not considered “tiny” at 600 square feet, it has less room than my classroom. It has two bedrooms. My bedroom is 7’ by 8’. There are advantages and disadvantages to living in a small house. It is very inexpensive to heat and cool. It is easy to clean. But, there is only one closet, and it is in my daughter’s room, mostly full of junk. Storage…storage is a major problem.

Although many people wonder how I can live in such a small house, I think it is perfect. My goal in buying a small house was an economic one. Who needs a massive house? Not me. The days of living in a 60 degree house to save on oil are over. Huge mortgage payment…gone. Massive taxes…gone. House poor…nope.

When I retire, this is the perfect house to have in the warm, Maine summers. It will allow me to spend the coldest months in a warmer place. This is the perfect house for me!