The current snow storm blowing outside reminds me of the blustery winds in October.  I am such a diva when the power is out and below was my post when we went without power for multiple days.  I regret nothing:

I am such a diva Done with this no power game. I love you positive people and god bless you but I am turning dark in my soul like my hallway. I just reached into a black bucket and dumped its trick or treat contents into my kids lunch boxes. Is it cheez it’s? Skittles? I have no idea? Because fridge contents are gone to waste and take that Michelle Obama and your healthy lunches and also finger to the moon to childhood obesity and diabetes. My kid is crunching something next to me and I literally don’t know what it is . Sitting in the dark waiting for Diane to show up in the bus and then driving to work which also has no power. Yesterday a woman stood outside my shower stall at the ymca and proceeded to shout I would like to wash my hair very loudly 10 to 15 Times . Lady I pay 60 whatever a month so I can occasionally come here to play on my phone and pedal half hazardly on the elliptical and also during extreme power outages to use this cold shower so step the heck off ! If you comment it could always be worse don’t , because voo doo dolls .