pexels-photo-869258.jpegAlright Winter, that’s it, I’m tapping out. You win. I hung those ski pants back up, I dragged the extra mittens up from the basement, polished the ol’ bean boots because those are my best investment in the past six months. But I’m done being positive about you. You are like that cable bill I thought I got rid of. That text that I ignore. And I know some are positive about you, and say things like oh those on the ski mountains will be excited. Really Keith Carson those on ski mountains? You know what, if your on a damn ski mountain, make your own snow, humph. Now I have to apologize to Keith because does it get any more adorable? And he’s having a baby too. No, don’t get side tracked… Winter you can go right back where you came from. And universe, you don’t need to give me 60 degrees, with smores and sunscreen aroma, I am asking for a little mud on my boots, maybe one insect or bird to claw their way out of hibernation. Can you give a girl a chance?