pexels-photo-551991.jpegIn the wave of all these new diets and whole 30 and fasting I am raising my kids in such a different food generation than I grew up with and sometimes it astounds me.  I have been at the park with parents, that say their child doesn’t eat dairy, or sugar, or red dye or fish, or beef or anything processed, also cut out the flour and did you hear lettuce can cause brain dysfunction and this list continues.  When I grew up, my mother was a health nut of her time and although she followed the McDonalds bandwagon like all the other moms she made us order milk and get the shaker salads when that was a thing.  Then when the low fat craze started we got all the processed crackers and cheez its low fat that we could consume and grab onto that diet coke kids because no sugar!  As more and more comes out about food and what works best for little bodies I can see now that those of us growing up eighties were going in the wrong direction with our aspartame ridden scrunchie selves.  Now that I am more mindful of it, I do try to do more whole foods and less processed, but there is a part of me that will always be inclined to dive into that KFC buffet or eat a box full of low fat cheez its while watching tv.  It’s not smoking with the windows rolled up, but its a hard habit to kick!