By Jennifer Richardson


I woke in the middle of the night with the feeling that I was gargling shards of glass. I was sporting a pretty good headache too.

It has happened, I have picked up some virus in my travels.

I am SO careful about germs. I don’t share the same hand towel as my daughter. I disinfect my classroom desks daily. I disinfect the treadmill at the gym BEFORE I use it (and after). I try not to eat anything without thoroughly washing my hands first. How did I get this?

Sometimes in my job, I have to eat lunch on the run. I have joked with my coworkers about eating lunch out of my pockets. This is not an exaggeration. I pack items in baggies so when I have to work through lunch, I can eat items out of my pockets. I am convinced this is where I got my virus. I start the process by washing my hands but, as I travel around the building touching doors and children, and then reach into my pocket for a carrot stick, I am at risk.

I believe I am starting a cold, not something worse. It is a minor setback. I have cancelled my plans for today and will nap as needed. This is not how I planned to spend my St. Patrick’s Day.