By Jennifer Richardson

My coworker has a rodent in her car. We originally thought it was a mouse. She brought her down jacket in from the car and discovered numerous holes throughout the jacket. That was the first sign of trouble.

Melissa addressed the rodent problem by putting a mouse trap on the floor in the back of her car. When she got into her car in the morning, she discovered that the trap had been carried up and under the back seat AND, the rodent had chewed a hole in the back seat. Leather upholstery.

Being a little concerned about reaching under the seat to retrieve the trap, Melissa asked for the help of the school custodian. Darrin and I had a little chuckle when he explained that he did not have the heart to tell Melissa that she had to be dealing with something bigger than a mouse.

The rodent stories continue as the pest has eaten a bag of BBQ chips, chewed a debit card, eaten chocolates from her pocketbook, and continued to chew on the upholstery and other parts of the car’s interior. Melissa has added a larger have-a-heart trap, more mouse traps, and a series of sticky traps…no dice.

As terrible as this situation is for Melissa, I enjoy the daily stories and occasional pictures sent to me of the ongoing saga. It will be interesting to find out what really is living in her car!