Parent teacher are conferences coming up. That time of year again. Time to work a full day and be bombarded with noise and stimulus all day long and be covered in sneezy snot nose juice, and peach liquid from opening up the most terrible snack container invented. Think you have time to run to the bathroom, well you don’t , because the first one starts at 3:15 and the last one runs until 7:45. If the 5:00 goes on schedule, which it won’t , you will have 14 minutes to take a deep breath, go to the bathroom, cram whatever has peanut butter in your mouth and then dab the remnants off your white button up. It is your own fault because you are an idiot and wore white on this night.
Conversely if you are a parent getting ready to go to a conference, these are some faux pas I would rally against:
– Not showing up.
-Being late
– Staring at your phone and smiling in between texting. Teachers don’t have time to compete with dating websites.
– Bringing a big gulp from Cumby’s (Because did you bring two? We like dark cherry flavor)
-Not being dazzled by the charming, tired, wrinkly shirt, sneezed on person in front of you.