23915963_1487415631354828_7554980721581260061_n.jpgIMG_4466.jpgIMG_4579.jpgIMG_4580.jpgBy Jennifer Richardson

I go through periods of time when I am focused on a particular vintage item or style. Currently, I am focused on Confetti Lucite jewelry. This jewelry was very popular in the 50’s and 60’s. I am not sure why I am drawn to this type of jewelry, but I have been fascinated since I was a young girl.

It very exciting to find a piece of confetti Lucite jewelry in my travels to thrift shops and rummage sales. Recently while in Massachusetts, I found an amazing Lucite ring at a vintage shop. It is now one of my favorite pieces. The Lucite earrings that I find are always clip-on or screw-back style. I have figured out how to alter pieces to make them for pierced ears. I love wearing these earrings to school and I like to point out to my students my cool, vintage items! They like to pretend that I am not cool by rolling their eyes and making fun of me.