By Jennifer Richardson

I do feel badly for my coworker who is dealing with the rodent of destruction. She is still unsure what type of rodent has taken over her Suburban, but, I think we have determined that it is bigger than a mouse.

Her car has been stripped of all food-items and loaded with various traps in an attempt to rid the car of the visitor. Unfortunately, the carnage continues.

It is amazing how something like an unknown rodent in a car can add a little interest and adventure in your everyday life. This situation has become a well-followed tale. Every morning the school custodian and staff in the area discuss the latest installment of The Rodent Times. What did it eat today? What do you think it is? Yesterday Mr. Darrin decided that we needed to name the visitor. It should be a contest. I posted the “name the rodent contest” on my facebook page and there are numerous suggestions already. This morning we decided that I would make a list of the names (without knowledge of the contributors) and Mr. Darrin will pick the winner. People are creative.

Friends, family, and acquaintances from around the world have tuned in to hear the latest details of the visiting rodent. People with more rodent knowledge are asking clarifying questions. (What does the skat look like?) There are cautionary tales of car accidents caused by a surprise rodent attack. Other people are making suggestions on how to capture this wayward critter.

Friday Melissa tried “the dumpster idea”. She has emptied the car of food items so hopefully the critter is hungry. She is going to park by the dumpster and leave all of her doors open in hopes that the visitor will flee her vehicle to the place with new tasty treats.

I will keep you posted on the name contest AND the dumpster trial. If you have a name suggestion, send it along.