pexels-photo-696218.jpegI know some women who transition back and forth between their families and their friends and make it look easy.  One night they are making pintrest worthy cupcakes and the next night, a scene right out of bad moms complete with social media pictures.  I find it hard to capture that medium, that middle ground because since I have had kids, quite frankly I have no will power or time for fake meet and greets. I relish the time on the couch with my little but not so little people to watch captain underpants, or lose at monopoly, or order chinese food and eat it on the porch with a glass of wine and bare feet.  That is why I cherish the time with those friends and family who do meet up with me and serve my soul because I never realize how important they are to my existence until the night is over.  I always think I don’t have time for that or the kids have this event or that birthday party.  But pinatas be damned, sometimes a girl needs a little extra strength mascara, a good push up bra, and extra buttered popcorn. Yesterday, I met up with my meredith grey, the girl who I would deem my person and I her Christina and we had uninterrupted girl time from 2 to 9.  We walked the rail trail, we caught an early , if not mentally unhinged movie and shared buttery popcorn, with no tiny hands swiping at us.  We drank an oversized sprite just like the old days in college when counting calories and whole 30 were a thing of the fantasy future.  We then ventured to two more places to gossip over salad and wine and I know our conversations weren’t profound enough to fix our President’s Cabinet, solve the gun control dilemma or cure cancer, but it was just what



And thats okay to have that friend that needs no big agenda, or party or an excuse.  To take a time out from the daily grind, and catch right back up where you left off in your last conversation.  And you don’t need to sell each other anything, or compete in the hunger games of mom, but just be you and laugh until your cheeks hurt.  I used to think I couldn’t take the time away from my family and now I realize this time allows me to give more to my family.  To all the Meredith’s meeting up with their Christina’s on a Saturday night, keep on, keeping on.