By Jennifer Richardson

While talking to Mr. Darrin, the custodian on the ground floor of the rodent battle, I told him that I wanted to find a stuffed rat as a joke gift for my coworker Melissa who has been desperately trying to rid her Suburban of an unwanted rodent.

This rodent battle has given our school staff, and others connected to our staff, a temporary diversion from the March-madness blues. Mr. Darrin talked about a collection of stuffed animals in the supply closet and his intention of looking for a stuffed rat for Melissa’s car. I chuckled and encouraged Darrin to search, but had no faith that the bags would hold a stuffed rat. After all, who wants a stuffed rat?

Later in the day, while doing lunch duty, Mr. Darrin asked me if I had seen Melissa’s vehicle which was parked out by the dumpster. She was hoping to encourage the critter to abandon her snack-free car to the delicious dumpster. I told him that she had sent me a picture of her car opened up for an easy exit to the dumpster.

Little did I know until receiving another photo, Mr. Darrin had actually found a stuffed rat in the stuffed animal collection, and had strategically placed it in Melissa’s car. Her discovery of the toy was loud and clear.

At a local flea market, I found a vintage, rat pin to add to Melissa’s attire.

Poor Melissa, her misery is our entertainment.