By Jennifer Richardson

I am rarely absent from school. I don’t like to be out. Every year, I seem to run myself into the ground and come down with some illness that keeps me out for two days. These days are necessary but are filled with guilt and concern

Last week I had five days of laryngitis. I thought that was the extent of my illness. I was not running a temperature, I was not in any discomfort.  I just had no voice. I slept most of the weekend, missing all sorts of events I had planned.

Sunday night arrived my temperature rose and my lungs hurt. No school for Monday. The doctor told me that it was not something that could be cured with medication. A virus that would have to run its course. I am not a patient person.

Another day out. I could possibly push through the day but, it may set me back. I KNOW I need to take time and let my body heal but the guilt is real.