By Jennifer Richardson

My coworker Melissa took apart her car. The dashboard was removed to discover the nice, comfortable home her mystery rodent had created. It is not a mystery anymore. The visitor has been spotted twice. As many suspected, it is a rat. Although it has been seen, and its adopted-home dismantled, the rat has refused to leave.

This rat has been entertaining to the people around Melissa. We recently had a “name the rat” contest. Chew Bacca was the frontrunner.

Over these few weeks, Melissa has received a plethora of suggestions, and she has tried most of them. Mouse traps, have-a-heart trap, glue traps, emptying her car, parking by a dumpster, dismantling her car…the list goes on and on. She has not tried the last suggestion…poison.

We are not entirely sure why Melissa has neglected to purchase a lethal snack for the critter. You would think that driving around with a large rat in your car would be motivating enough to carve a few moments out of your day to acquire the poison. She has not made it to the farm store yet. The rat lives on. We have joked about looking into Melissa’s passenger seat to find the rat belted in, with a drink from Dunkin Donuts. Let’s face it, Chew Bacca is living comfortably. Today Melissa told my students that she was going to put an Easter egg in her car on Sunday because everyone should be able to celebrate Easter. Um…

Who knows when Chew Bacca will either move to a new shelter, or expire in Melissa’s car. Until Melissa is motivated to REALLY rid herself of this unwanted visitor, he is going to stay. Maybe the brush of a furry critter across her legs while driving will be that motivation? Maybe looking at the speedometer to see eyes looking back will seal the deal? Maybe the pitter patter of little feet behind her will be enough? We shall see…