At the last school where I taught, I had a student with autism who instead of calling me Jennifer, called me Jenny. It stuck. From that point on, I became Jenny. I had never been a Jenny before. In the past, I was actually anti-Jenny. Over time, I just could not invest energy in disliking the name. It was a term of affection from people I felt were family.

I left that school and started at another. This year I got a new student. He had just arrived and had not been introduced to me in any other way than Ms. Richardson. Without even knowing my first name, he started to call me Miss Jenny. It stuck. I now have two names at school. The older kids on the second floor call me Ms. Richardson and the younger students downstairs call me Miss Jenny.

This Jenny thing has grown on me, after all, the name was given to me by students. How could that be bad?