If I have one weakness, it would be grapefruit. Many people dislike grapefruit and I recently watched Jim Gaffigan speak of grapefruit as the least-liked fruit during a stand-up set. I believe Mr. Gaffigan was referring to doctors’ description of tumors using fruit as a reference. If you have a grape-sized tumor, you are in good shape. When you have a grapefruit-sized tumor, things are looking less positive. He felt like it was natural to use the least-liked fruit to describe the most-serious sized tumor.

I am not sure why I like grapefruit so much but, when it is in season, I eat about two per day.

I realize that I may have an expiration date on this love. I am not talking about it being out of season in the summer, I am talking about how it interferes with many prescription medications. As I get older, I may have to steer away from my fruity love. So, along with my desire to keep myself healthy to enjoy life to its fullest, I also need to stay healthy so I can avoid medications that will prevent me from my winter staple.

slice grapefruit
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com