For the past two years, just after school gets out, I travel to Texas with my brother. He has a franchise and I attend the annual meeting with him. While we are there, we always spend time in Austin. If you have never been to Austin, I recommend putting it on your bucket list.

The two reasons I love Austin is their food and their Mid-century Modern architecture. We stay at a friend’s house, and in her neighborhood, there are many examples of Mid-century Modern design. I walk about the neighborhood awkwardly taking pictures of people’s houses. There is one house in particular that caught my attention last year. I would have LOVED to get a tour of the inside. I jokingly talked to my family about knocking on their door and asking for a tour. I was voted down. I then suggested that I loiter on the sidewalk outside their house until invited in. I was voted down again. They wouldn’t even listen to my medical emergency plan to get into the house. They are not very creative.

I spent a lot of time looking at the house and imagining living inside. I made mental plans to purchase the house after I win the lottery.

35821821_1693557070740682_3394809942522200064_n35923392_1693556924074030_6021367428267638784_nIf I do win the lottery and purchase the house, you are welcome to stop by for a tour!