Katrina and I have very different personalities. She is quiet, methodical, and planned. I am boisterous, silly, and animated. She wears corduroy pants, a sweater, and stud earrings; I wear crazy leggings, skirts, and loud, dangley earrings.

It took some time to learn to work together and I can’t say that the first year was particularly smooth. During the second year, we finally connected and I can say that I relied on her for professional and personal support. We got along so well that last summer we decided to attend a two-day workshop together.

After one of the workshop dinners they provided an ice cream bar with all of the fixings. Katrina and I went up to get our ice cream and then returned to our table. I looked down at our bowls and began to laugh. The bowls were a visual representation of the different personalities she and I have. Katrina returned to the table with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. My bowl contained chocolate

white container filled with chocolate assorted color chocolate chips and one waffle
Photo by Cheresha on Pexels.com
ice cream served on black bowl with spoon
Photo by Valeria Boltneva on Pexels.com

ice cream, chocolate and caramel syrup, sprinkles, M&M’s, and whipped cream.

Katrina and I laughed and sat together enjoying each other’s company. Orderly vanilla and crazy chocolate.