Every morning I greet students at the door. We have all seen the video of a positive arrival to school compared to the negative arrival. A few of us stand greeting, helping, and answering questions as students come through the front door. Is there inside recess? Can you zip my jacket? What is for breakfast? I am a pretty animated teacher and so when some students arrive, I try to engage them by being silly and upbeat.

On the Friday before February break, I arrived at the front door with a stuffed flamingo who danced and sang the song “Holiday” by Madonna. The sixth grade girls entered the building and immediately bolted to the cafeteria to avoid me and my flamingo companion. The kinders arrived delighted to watch and pet my friend. When one kinder familiar to me arrived, I greeted her with energy and my flamingo.

Later that morning her teacher mentioned me and my dancing flamingo. This little one looked at her teacher and stated, “I just can’t take that lady’s crazy anymore.”

It made my entire vacation.

pink flamingo figurine in snowy area
Photo by Chris Shafer on Pexels.com