Over the summer I took on some outside home-improvement projects. Years ago I had purchased, and threw down, paving stones for my front walk. It was a quagmire at the time so anything was an improvement. The next step was to actually build my walkway but I was not happy with the typical, square pavers I found at the local home-improvement stores. I wanted a different look. I wanted CIRCULAR stones.

After searching online for circular paving stones, I realized that I was going to have to make my own. Over the years I have learned many new skills so paving stones should be doable. After weeks of contemplation, I thought that plastic, plant drip-pans would make perfect molds for my project.

I would say that the most difficult part of the project was getting the 80 pound bags of concrete mix out of my car and into my wheelbarrow. Mixing the concrete in the wheelbarrow also needed some brute strength. I mixed the concrete, shoveled it into my forms, and left them to cure for a week. I was delighted to find that my first undertaking involving concrete was a success!

I am sorry to say that although my concrete paving adventure was successful, I realized that I wanted circles of many sizes and I also needed far more pavers than I had originally thought. This project will continue this summer and hopefully I can reveal the finished project next year!concrete-circles-drying