Recently I have noticed my daughter recording me. I assumed it had to do with the new SnapChat filters. Being the silly person that I am, I play into whatever recording she is doing. This whole time, I thought these episodes were for her entertainment.

Yesterday, she was recording me and asking for a response. I of course responded with my usual ridiculousness and facial expressions. I then asked her what happens to all of these recordings. She told me that she shares these clips on her SnapChat story. Um…what? She explained that I am quite popular with her friends because of my ridiculous behavior. Good to know.

On the way to school I asked her more about these videos. She laughed and said the video she posted on my birthday got a great response. She told me that she shared a video I did last summer when we were in Texas and I was singing “Deep in the Heart of Texas” with some filter. It was ridiculous.

I asked her why my friend Tracie had not reported to me about these videos because she is my SnapChat monitor. She told me that she blocks Tracie from those posts.

I am unsure where to go from here. I strongly believe that kids should know that it is O.K. to be silly and ridiculous. I am also aware that I may end up on Ellen…

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