Others might have questioned her motives or even become annoyed. I was knee-deep in peanut butter and thinking putty and my para was joking with the student. She offered him a taste of the peanut butter on her gloves, joked with him, teased him gently, and got him sparring with her.

It did make the putty-removal a little more challenging but, I knew what she was doing. He is a highly-sensitive child and can be anxious. The pulling of the putty, the smell of the peanut butter that he hates, and the need to have me in his personal space COULD have been more than he could handle.

Her distractions kept him laughing, joking, and managing the uncomfortable situation. What could have been a stressful situation for him became a loving joke between the three of us. One that he could laugh at and share with the other students.

Others might have questioned her motives…

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