The beginning of the week is always challenging. I don’t dislike the beginning of the week, but my students often do. After a weekend with no limits on bed time, and a gluttonous diet of YouTube and video games, my students are exhausted and grumpy. Yesterday we sprinkled in the first reading portion of the state, standardized test to round out an already challenging day.

I have a job that people rarely equate with having a “good day”. My job is to work with the kids who are NOT having a good day. I am always at a loss when someone asks me if I had a good day. I tend to think that my days range anywhere from “trying” to “on fire”. Today was “challenging” with a significant dose of ridiculous.

By lunch time I had fielded threatening, punching, unsafe statements, bolting, arguing, screaming, and testing. By the time I got to eat something, it was 1:40 and I was exhausted and delirious. The day was CONSTANT with one issue after another. I was looking forward to going home.

On Saturday my car started making a screeching noise. This happens to all of us BUT, my car was just in the shop for a whining noise that ended up being a faulty alternator that was put in a few months ago. The screeching noise was making me have fond memories of the whining noise. The noise was driving me crazy and probably waking up the neighborhood. At the end of the day, I called my mechanic and he told me to swing by. It had been three days with a screeching car. Do you know what happened when I pulled in to the mechanic’s garage? It stopped making the noise. Of course it did.

The mechanics laughed at me and determined that the belt needs to be replaced. I will be visiting them again on Friday. After I left the mechanic, I swung into the local butcher shop to pick up taco seasoning.  I got out of my car and shut my door. The mirror on my driver’s side door fell to the ground and broke. I stood in disbelief and I heard a man behind me express surprise. Apparently the adhesive that holds the glass to the surface of my side mirror just gave up. Oh mirror, I can relate…

On days like this I get to the point where just about anything can happen and it just washes over me. The ridiculous becomes SO ridiculous that it all becomes funny. I bent down and picked up the broken pieces of my mirror and the gentleman behind me helped by reaching the pieces that went too far under my car for me to reach. He handed me the glass and said he was really sorry. I think I just shrugged my shoulders and said, “meh”. What else was there to do or say?

It was the punctuation mark at the end of “such a Monday”.