Imagine throwing a child, who doesn’t know how to swim, into the ocean and expecting her to swim to shore. What is the reaction you will see from the child? I can imagine you will see panic, outcry, and movements for self-preservation.

Maybe you will spend some time with that child and teach her how to swim. Maybe she is not terribly athletic, coordinated, or in shape, so even though she has been taught some of the basic movements, she can’t seem to consistently perform well. Every single time you toss her into the ocean, even though you have reviewed those strokes, she panics, yells, and thrashes around.

Maybe she even has a disability that makes it more difficult to perform the swim strokes needed to be successful. Do you still throw her in? Do you provide a swim bubble to help her stay afloat so she can focus on the strokes and kicks? Learning to swim is an important life skill. What can you provide for this child that will allow her to swim, even though you THINK she should be able to swim well because you have showed her what to do, and even reviewed it? Will you continue to toss her in and just walk away? Will you punish her for not swimming to the level you believe she should be at?

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