We started the state, standardized testing last week. March is often hectic and the testing contributes to the craziness. We spend all year getting kids into a routine for structure and comfort. When testing comes around, we put the schedule into a Tupperware bowl, put the cover on, and shake it!

Many kids are out-of-sorts when there are changes in the schedule. MY students have a VERY difficult time. To make matters worse, when my students are having a tough time with the schedule change, staff are spread thin around the building to administer testing or assist in administration.

More stress, less support.

This is not anyone’s fault. The principal is doing the absolute best she can to support everyone, meet the requirements of the testing, and troubleshoot. Teachers are just trying to get it done…correctly. The students have done a beautiful job getting through the six days.

Today our six days of testing has come to a close. A wave of relief has washed over my body.


board chalk chalkboard exam
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com