It is the last day of the Slice challenge. I have a number of pieces that I have written over the last month. Some will not be published because of confidentiality risks. Some are a little too personal. One is not done because it has a lot to address. I guess today I will tell you what I did yesterday. It went better than I expected, and I feel very accomplished.


A picture of my daughter’s room could have been used in a story about a natural disaster. It was…indescribable. I would post a picture but, it may end our relationship as mother and daughter.

The mess had become more than she could manage. When asked to clean up, she would become overwhelmed. She just did not know where to begin. It had been an issue for a while. She could NEVER find what she was looking for, although she would deny that the mess was the problem. I decided that since she is away this weekend, and her birthday is on Tuesday, I would clean her room as a present. The plan is perfect because money is tight right now and time and effort is all I have to give.

In the back of my mind I worried that I would not muster the energy and dedication needed to do this job. On Friday night I wondered if I would somehow come up with a reason I was unable to undertake this gargantuan task. Yesterday, I got up and I powered through. It was a huge task that took the entire day, and even time in the evening, but it is done. I do plan on mopping the floors and washing all of the clothing and bedding but, you can walk into the room without thinking you have stepped into a home after Hurricane Katrina!

Happy Birthday Elise!

pile of covered books
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